11-Januari-2023 Admin

Many industries need more oil-free valves

ARITA takes the production of high-quality products as the business purpose of the enterprise, and has advanced production and management experience. It has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 certification, and has also been recognized by CE, Classification society and many other fields. In the manufa cturing of oil-free degreasing valves, ARITA has built a clean workshop of more than 200m 2 .From personnel to products in and out, regulations meeting the clean liness requirements have been formulated, and special channels have been opened up. At the same time, the control equipment of UV lamp, professional air condit ioner, air shower equipment, negative pressure system, ultrasonic washing machine and other professional equipment are added. The supporting dust-proof wearing equipment, labor protection consumables, cleaning materials, etc. also mee t the higher dust-proof level of the clean room.

At present, the clean room, which has reached the level of 100, 000, can produce various valves without oil and degreasing for customers. Cooperative brands include 3C, Sample Green, etc. ARITA devotes itself to the management of material science and devotes itself to providing customers with high-quality valve products.