Understanding the importance of corporate governance to ensure the effective conduct of business, the Company has taken the necessary steps to continue to develop good corporate governance to ensure transparency, accountability, responsibility, and fairness in its business activities. The Company’s policy in the implementation of corporate governance focuses on the following aspects:

  • Separation of roles and responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Director
  • Business Activities Properness
  • Principles of transparency and fairness with the stakeholders
  • Protection of the rights of the minority shareholders
  • Risk management and risk anticipation
  • Improvement of operational monitoring and control through the Audit Committee and Audit Internal Division
  • Effective decision-making system
  • Announcement and dissemination of information for stakeholders in a timely and accurate manner
  • Responsibility to social, environmental, and development issues

The foregoing principles are implemented through various business arrangements that ensure compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations and synergy with the values upheld by the Company, and ensure business profit that is in line with the Company’s vision

Corporate Secretary

As a public company, Arita has appointed Liang Tjoen as Corporate Secretary of PT Arita Prima Indonesia Tbk by the Decree of Directors No. 10/SK/DIR/APII/X/2016 with tenure since the enactment of this decree on 25 October 2016.Duties and Responsibilities of the Corporate Secretary Fol....

Risk Management

In conducting its business, the Company faces the risk of which may affect the Company’s results of operations if not anticipated and prepared to handle better.Financial risk management policies implemented by the Company in the face of these risks as the following:The Credit RiskThe Company’s e....

Company Profile

Established on 5 October 2000 in Jakarta - Indonesia, Arita serves as a company specialized in import, distribution, and services for valves, fittings, instrumentations, and control. As a result of the great performance in the industry, Arita successfully became the first and only public listed valv....

Board of Director

The Board of Directors is fully responsible to manage the Company prudently and pursuant to the prevailing regulations, for the interest and in line with the objectives of the Company. The Director, both individually as well as collectively, must be prudent, careful, and thorough in considering all ....

Board of Comissioner

The Board of Commissioners has the duty and function to monitor and advise the Board of Directors under the Company’s policy. The Board of Commissioners continuously monitors the effectiveness of the Company’s policy and the decisionmaking process by the Board of Directors, including the strateg....

Internal Audit

To comply with Bapepam - LK No.IX.I.7, the company already have an Internal Audit Unit and established an Internal Audit Charter which has been approved by the Board of Commissioners.The function of this department are:Becoming an independent appraiser who plays help Directors in securing investment....

Komite Audit

1. Ida Bagus Oka Nila (Chairrman)Chairman of the Audit Committee is the Independent Commissioner of the Company, currently held by Ida Bagus Oka Nila. He has work experiencein Capital Market Supervisory Board and Financial Institution (now FSA). He serves as an Independent Commissioner in PT Arita P....