Pressure Operated Pump

Publish Date : 31-May-2017
Category : Pumps Steam Line

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Pressure Operated Pump fabricated carbon steel (stainless steel on request) is recommended in the transfer of high-temperature liquids such as condensate, oils, and other liquids to a higher elevation or pressure.

The pump starts when there is something to pump and stops when there isn't. Under certain conditions, it can drain a closed vessel under vacuum or pressure. The pump can be operated by steam, compressed air or gas and can be used for lifting any kind of no corrosive liquids.

MAIN FEATURES            :    Non-electric requirements.

OPTIONS                        :    Stainless steel construction.

                                            Level gauge.

                                            Stroke counter.

USE                                :    To lift condesate or hot and cold liquids

AVAILABLE MODELS     :     Carbon Steel construction.

                                            Stainless Steel construction.

SIZE                                :    DN 25; DN 40; DN 50; DN 80 x DN 50

CONNECTION                 :    Flanged PN 16. Special flanges upon request. Female Screwed ISO 7/1                                             Rp (BS21).

INSTALLATION                :    Horizontal installation.

MOTIVE GAS                  :    Steam or compressed air.