In our workshop and Assembly Plant line, our team of engineer and technician specialist provide you a product preparation, installation, modification or service repair as your system and industry required.

One of the examples of our servicing line is comprised of :

  • Products technical setting and preparations as required in your specified system
  • Installation of our product in your system, along with technical advice on what type and specifications of products works best for your system
  • Modifications on needs as your specified system requires.
  • An on-site assistance on your malfunction or broken valve and instrument in your system, along with spares you required to avoid further loss time

Our testing equipment is set accordingly to the ANSI standard that will measure several variables including:

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Flow rate
  • Durability

One-Stop Service

Services One-Stop Service, Installation, and InspectionWe are supported by a team of qualified engineers with experience in various types of industries. This is in line with our division which covers a wide area covering waterwork industry, oil & gas, power generation, oil industry and oil refin....

Services In Place

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Service For Valve

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Spare Part

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Technical Consultancy

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Automation System

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