Board of Director

01-Mar-2016 Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors is fully responsible to manage the Company prudently and pursuant to the prevailing regulations, for the interest and in line with the objectives of the Company. The Director, both individually as well as collectively, must be prudent, careful, and thorough in considering all aspects in carrying out their duties and avoiding any conflict of interest.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The general duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors are stipulated thoroughly in the Company’s Articles of Association. Their main duties and responsibilities are:

  • Determine the Company’s poliy under the principles of governance and management of the Company
  • Stipulate budget strategy and plan periodically, and measure the performance pursuant to such objectives, strategy, and plans
  • Implement employment policies, including policies on appointment and termination, salary, pension, and other benefits
  • Represent the Company in all activities of the Board of Directors with internal parties and business agreement with external parties
  • Carry out other activities in observance of the Articles of Association of the direction of the Meeting of the Board of Commissioners as well as the GMS.

In the carrying out of its duties, the Board of Directors conducts meetings, including additional meetings if necessary.