The Board of Commissioners has the duty and function to monitor and advise the Board of Directors under the Company’s policy. The Board of Commissioners continuously monitors the effectiveness of the Company’s policy and the decisionmaking process by the Board of Directors, including the strategy implementation to meet the expectation of shareholders.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners

All duties and responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners in general are thoroughly stipulated in the Company’s Articles of Association. Its main duties and responsibilities are:

  • Provide opinion and advice to the Board of Directors on the annual financial report, Company development plan, and other material matters
  • Follow the development and monitor of the Company’s activities and, in the event ot the Company’s showing indiations of a decline, immediately advise on the recovery steps to be taken
  • Provide opinion and advice to the Board of Directors on every other matter as deemed important for the Company’s management.

In the carrying out of its duties, the Board of Commissioners conducts meetings, including additional meetings as necessary.

Ida Bagus Oka Nila

Independent CommissionerIndonesian citizen, born in 1956.Earned his Bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of Pancasila in 1988. He has been appointed as Independent Commissioner of PT Arita Prima Indonesia Tbk since March 2013.He currently serves as an Independent Commissioner of PT ....

Lim Cheah Chooi

Chief CommissionerMalaysian citizen, born in 1949.from Chung Ling High School in Penang, Malaysia in 1967. He is appointed as President Commissioner of the PT Arita Prima Indonesia Tbk since October 2000.He currently serves as the Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer (Managing Director) in Un....

Sim Yee Fuan

CommissionerMalaysian citizen, born in 1966He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Malaya in Malaysia in 1991 and a Master degree in Business Administration from Northern University of Malaysia in 1999.He has been one of the Commissioners of PT Arita Prima Indonesia Tbk s....