While demand for new construction projects in residential, industrial, and commercial increases rapidly, they also challenged a more requirements. Essentially, this shaped by the need to provide safety measures, building & construction standards, and the requirements of the owner or planner. The industry needs to find fault-free products, correct components, including valve, fitting, and flange, and also a reliable service, that will keep all systems running smoothly. 

Arita comes as a partner for contractors as well as the building & construction planners helping to optimize processes and find solutions for the benefit of customers by providing a broad range of products suited the standards. Starting from a mechanical piping system for plumbing, hydrant, to HVAC, Arita gives you a safety and efficiency investment.

Benefit from Arita’s products in building & construction industries. Our products perform a range of duties including on-off services and isolation in mechanical piping applications, isolation and control in temperature control applications, and water back flow protection in pump protection applications, etc.

Arita’s Building & Construction Solutions

A Strong Brand | Arita has known for its strong brand compared to its competitor in its class. Arita’s relationship with a leading brand has also strengthened its position in providing a high quality products to meet your need.

A Huge Inventory of products | We have a huge inventory of valves, fittings & flanges, and instrumentations for utility projects with stocks ranged from small to large ready in our service networks and representatives all across Indonesia.

A Negotiable Price | Arita’s products and services are cost-effective, negotiable, and decrease the operating cost. Though, a right choice to help your systems increase efficiency, require less maintenance, and optimize your plant performance.

After Sales Service | We offer customized services and solutions to optimize your utility project operations. We also provide after sales service up to one year to ensure you have building & construction supplies at best performance.

 Project Reference

1 Nov 2010 PT  Kancra Fortune Perdana Gedung DPRD Dompak, Kep. Riau Gate Valve, Check Valve, Y - Strainer, Flexible Joint (ukuran1/2" - 6")
2 Des 2010 PT  Tribangun Pilar Persada Rusunawa Jamsostek Jababeka, Cikarang Gate Valve, Flexible Joint, Float Valve,Y- Strainkuer (ukuran 3" - 6")
3 Jan 2011 PT  Wahyu Delta Parama Apartement Center Point Bekasi Float Valve, Check Valve, Fittings (ukuran 2" - 4")
4 Apr 2011 PT  Citra Inti Semesta Abadi Yong-Ma Building Jakarta Pusat Gate Valve, Y - Strainer, Check Valve, Foot Valve (ukuran 1/2" - 3")
5 Apr 2011 PT  Asiapac Pancamakmur Abad Swiss Belhotel Segara Nusa Dua, Bali BCV System (ukuran 4")
6 Mei 2011 PT  Hutama Karya Sentra Timur Residence Jakarta Timur BCV System, Gate Valve (ukuran 3" & 4")
7 Jun 2011 PT  Wahyu Delta Parama UNTAG Building Sunter BCV System, Gate Valve (ukuran    1 1/4" - 4")
8 Jun 2011 PT  Gayaland Prokencana Apartement Mutiara Bekasi PRV, Gate Valve, Butterfly, Y- Strainer, Ball Valve (ukuran 1/2" - 6")
9 Jun 2011 PT  Megacipta Sentrapersada Universitas Islam Syeh Yusuf Tangerang Gate Valve, Check Valve, Y - Strainer, Flange (ukuran 1/2" - 6")
10 Sep 2011 PT  Jaya Kencana Kuningan City Office Tower Kuningan, Jakarta Solenoid Valve (ukuran 4")
11 Jan 2012 PT  Indo Meco Primatama Hotel Mulia Resort Bali Fittings, Air Vent (ukuran   1" - 10 ")
12 Feb 2012 PT  Wika Gedung Menara Chitatex Peni Jakarta Selatan Foot Valve (ukuran 2" - 6")
13 Feb 2012 PT  Teknik Bayu Mandiri Hotel Mulia Resort Bali Fittings, Air Vent (ukuran 1" - 10")
14 Feb 2012 PT  Bersaudara Kagum Sejahtera MTH Residence Jakarta Timur Expantion Joint, Rubber Joint (ukuran1 1/2" - 6")
15 Nov 2013 Menara Marina Apartemen Menara Marina Jakarta Utara Swing Check Valve, Flange (ukuran 6")
16 Jan 2014 PT  Perwita Marga Sakti Mal Ambasador Jakarta Selatan Water Flow Meter, Gate Valve (Size of 1" - 3")
17 Sep 2014 PT  Grahaniaga Tatautama Graha Niaga Jakarta Pusat Water Flow Meter (ukuran    1/2")
18 Sep 2014 PT  Wijaya Kusuma Contractor Gedung Temprint Jakarta Barat Ball Float Valve (ukuran    3")
19 Sep 2014 PT  Wijaya Kusuma Contractor Gedung TBS Linera Cilandak Barat Foot Valve, Water Flow Meter (ukuran1/2"- 4")

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